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Brazil and Argentina

Buenos Aires - Iguaçù - Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires - Iguaçù - Rio de Janeiro - Brasiltudo Turismo
  1. The program leads you from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. These cities are two of the most dynamic cities in South America, where are you going to become acquainted with the rhythm and the characteristics of both countries. At Buenos Aires you are going to expect a mix of history and modern spirit. At Rio de Janeiro you are going to be part of a fantastic nightlife and you are going to see some of the most famous beaches in the world. During a tour to Iguaçu, where the amazing waterfalls are located around the correspondent river, you are going to see an impressive nature spectacle. This nature spectacle, located in the national park Iguaçu, became a world natural heritage of UNESCO.


1st day – Monday – Buenos Aires

Arrival in Bueno Aires. A transfer to the choosen accomodation is going to be organized – hotels stay and check-in.
At the afternoon you are going to have a city tour to see the most important tourist attractions as the aristrocratic residential buildings at the north and their numerous restaurants, pastry shops, nightclubs and dressy stores, which create a fascinating atmosphere. You visit the dapper neighborhood called Palermo Chico in which embassies, consulates and museums are located. Furthermore you attend a park called “3rd February” or “The gardens of Palermos” in which are the following attractions located: “El Rosedal”, the botanical garden, the planetarium, the zoo, the Argentinean racecourse for horses as well as the monument “Monumento a La Carte Magna y las Cuatro Regiones Argentinas” and the urban golf course. The avenues are one of the world’s widest ones. On your finally trip to the observation deck of the congress palace and of the monument named “Monumento de los Dos Congresos” up to the “”Plaza de Mayo” you pass the Obelisk, which is a emblem of Buenos Aires, the square of the republic, the Columbus theater and you have a short distance walk through the district called “San Telmo” up to the urban quarter “La Boca”. “La Boca” is very famous because of its interesting history. There is a street named “Caminito” which is famous for its spirit of tango music and its couloured buildings.

(Duration: Approximately 4 hours) Return to the hotels and overnight stay.

2nd day – Tuesday – Buenos Aires
Optional excursion to the Gaucho festival (not included)

This excursion has an early departure because of moving to the pampas. The first attraction is a visit of a typical Estancia argentina. By eating Empanada or Asodo, which is an Argentinean style of making barbecue, you can feel the atmosphere of country life. Additional to that you hear some local folk music and have the chance to dance together some tango. Furthermore you watch the Gauchos’ traditional horse race. It is impressive to see the professional handling of the horses. You also have the opportunity to ride a horse as well as to take a ride on the typical cart. You are going to feel like a real Gaucho!

Return to the hotels and overnight stay.

3rd day – Wednesday – Buenos Aires / Iguaҫù

This excursion starts in the morning. After having breakfast a transfer brings you from the hotel to the local airport. Today you fly to the Argentinean countryside of the waterfalls. On this full day excursion the entrance price is included.

This excursion brings you to the waterfalls by using the hiking routes. Finally you arrive at a breathtaking canyon called “Garganta del Diabolo” (Canyon of the devil).

A train through the jungle moves to the stations “waterfalls” and “Garganta del Diabolo”, even tough the hiking route named “Yvyra Retá” connects these two stations. By using some hiking routes it is possible to access the lookout point “Alvar-Nunes”, the waterfalls called “Bozetti”, “San Martin” and “the two sisters”.

Return to the hotels and overnight stay.

4th day – Thursday – Iguaҫù

This excursion starts in the morning. After having breakfast, you enjoy a private tour to the waterfalls on the Brazilian countryside. On this trip the entrance price is included as well.
From the Brazilian countryside you have a breathtaking point of view to gaze at the UNESCO world natural heritage.

5th day – Friday – Foz do Iguaҫù / Rio de Janeiro

After having breakfast in your hotel, a transfer brings you to the airport Foz do Iguaҫù to fly to Rio de Janeiro. At your arrival someone welcomes you. A transfer to your accommodations and the check-in is organized as well.

Today you make an excursion to the sugar loaf. You pass the beaches “Praia do Botafogo” and “Praia Vermelha” at the urban district called “Urca”. From there you use the aerial passenger line to go up to the sugar loaf. You have a first stop on a hill called “Morro da Urca” on which several gardens and panorama viewing platforms are located. Arrived at the second stop you enjoy the spectacular view over Rio de Janeiro, its beaches and the bay “Guanabara”. At the horizon you can see the mountain called “Corcovado”. After that breathtaking excursion, you move on to Copacabana. Return to the hotels and overnight stay.

6th day – Saturday – Rio de Janeiro

After having a breakfast, your day starts with a half day city tour and an excursion to “Corcovado”. Starting point is the urban district “Cosme Velho”, which is located between city centre and Copacabana. By using the train you pass the tropical forest “Tijuca”, which is the biggest urban forest in the world. It is also a fantastic place to look over Rio de Janeiro and to see the mountain. The Corcovado has a height of 710 meter. It is possible to scale it by using the train or by using the listed cog railway (approximately 2.3 miles). On the top of Corcovado is the monument of which you can see at nearly every place in this viewing platform the most spectacular the world. On the loaf and the beaches “Niteròi” and one beaches Christo enthroned, each time from Rio de Janeiro. From you can enjoy one of panorama views in one site the sugar “Guanabara” and the other site the “Copacabana” and the “Laguna Rodrigo situated. The in the middle of the “Tijuca”, which is a “Ipanema” as well as de Freitas” are Corcovado is located nature park named tropical reservation. You can use the tight, double-tracked streets through the compacted vegetation, which pass several beautiful waterfalls and viewing points along their approximately 62.14 miles length in total.

Tip: “Mesa do Imperador”. Return to the hotels and overnight stay.

7th – Sunday – Rio de Janeiro

You have breakfast at the hotel.
Time free or optional you can book  (not included in the price)

Excursion tips:

  •   Jeep tour

  •   Tropical islands

  •   Petropolis (approximately 40.39 miles distance from Rio de Janeiro)

    Overnight stay.

8th day – Monday – Rio de Janeiro

  • After having your breakfast at your hotel, you have to checkout and a transfer brings you to the airport. 

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